How would you feel if digital trees, augmented stones and virtual water augments the physical landscape that surrounds us? May technology create a space in which people can leave messages, grow new worlds and share new interactions?

The shortfilm Terrain investigates into augmented spaces and objects that could live as a second layer on top of the physical landscape. The film shows three different spaces in London and hybrid objects that were formed within these. As machine vision capacity evolves and a second layer of Augmented Reality rises, this film questions how can we use the terrain between the digital and physical world for new interactions between human, machines and places around us to create new ways of communicating. This film analysed three site specific locations in London, dealing as inspiration for alternative materials and architectures. 

DATE: 2018
TECHNOLOGIES: 2D/3D Tracking, Machine Vision, Cinema4D, Octane
SUPPORTED BY: SET Studios, London
EXHIBITIONS: Zuecca Project, Venice Biennale, Venice; We Are Ugly Duck, London; Electrofringe, Sydney; SET Studios, London
SOUND: Einar Fehrholz


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