Digital Atmosphere

Take a deep breath. Even if the air looks clear, it is nearly certain that you will inhale tens of millions of solid and liquid particles. These ubiquitous specks of matter are known as aerosols, and they can be found in the air over oceans, deserts, mountains, forests, ice, and every ecosystem in between. Technology can sense these small particles, on the lower crust of the earth but also in exosphere, deriving from GPS data from space. As a human species we are part of this technological and natural circle and change which impacts our well-being, sometimes for good, sometimes for the cost of our health.
Digital Atmosphere is an Augmented Reality sculpture which investigates into a future in which clear air may be reality. Based on a year long R&D commission with NEAR NOW Broadway, this project investigates into air pollution and the invisible voice of nature. In collaboration with scientists from King's College in London, this project focuses on a zero emission future and its greater value for people and the environment.
The outcome is an ever changing virtual sculpture which can be experienced by a vast audience indoors and outdoors, using mixed reality (magic leap), live data inputs (Atmo Sensor), a physical sculpture and research based storytelling. This commission is fully funded by Broadway Nottingham and Arts Council England, part of the Near Now fellowship.

DATE: 2020
DIMENSION: 10m x 3m x 3m
MATERIALS: Metal, Film, Digital Media
TECHNOLOGIES: Unity, Cinema4D, Magic Leap, Arduino, Atmo Sensor
SUPPORTED BY: Arts Council, UK; Near Now, Broadway, Nottingham; King's College, London; INT Studio , Lausanne


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