Above&Below is a London based artist duo founded in November 2017, after graduating from the Royal College of Art in July 2017. Their collaborativly practice focuses on interactive and speculative projects, based on hands on research at the intersection of technology and interactive art focusing on future scenarios in which emerging technologies and code have the potential to improve our planet’s well being

The artists aim to wire unseen connections together to create new experiences which they believe can change human behaviours for better interactions with our environment. The collective‘s practice is known to push the boundaries of how emerging technologies are used by the industry; this is why they are not only using interactive technologies for creative uses, but also to research and reveal their potentialfor new interactions between human, machine and society.

ABOUT (Perry-James Sugden)

Perry is an artist, designer and technologist. As Co-Founder and Director of Studio Above&Below he develops long term vision and technical strategies for the Studio alongside constant research and critical thinking about positive future uses of technology in the everyday.

Perry holds an MA in Information Experience Design from the Royal College of Art. He leads the Studio’s conceptual and technical projects through investigations into emerging technologies, computational design, digital languages and interaction design.

His work has been exhibited at Photophore during the Venice Biennale, Tate Modern, ICA London, and SIA Beijing.

Perry has a deep interest of behavioural changes through technology, which leads to his research into the future of cities, sustainable computation and Augmented Reality as a speculative tool.

ABOUT (Daria Jelonek)

Daria is an artist, designer and researcher. As Co-founder and Director of Studio Above&Below, she pushes the Studio’s vision to invent positive future interactions with the environment through creative technology, research and creative direction.

Daria holds an MA in Information Experience Design from the Royal College of Art. She develops new business opportunities for the Studio, leads the creative direction and examines the research into nature and technology.

Her work has been exhibited at a variety of cultural and technological institutes, such as Royal Academy, Tate Modern, V&A London, Photophore during the Venice Biennale and International Shortfilm Festival Oberhausen.

Daria has a deep interest of the relationship of nature and technology, which leads to her research into the future of living with in the increasing amount of technology and the degradation of nature, sustainable consumption and how technology can give our environment a voice to express itself.