Technological Nature

What if your shower could cause a rainbow, you could encounter the wonder of the Northern Lights in your fridge or observe the sunset in your artificial panorama window? How would you view technology if you realised everything was controlled through an augmentation of nature's wonders?
Technological Nature is an interactive installation investigating into the the imitation, recreation and augmentation of natural phenomena in our everyday life. Through projection, light and bespoke sculptures, this project aims to create a new mindset for the hybrid of traditional biophysical nature and the nature of technology. The project results from research of living with objects that artificially imitate natural light phenomenon - such as artificial sun clocks, rainbow machines and aurora machines - for a period of six months, in order to explore their nature.  Through our research we suggest that humans don’t need special machines to recreate nature, especially since everyday objects are able to create light phenomenon if the conditions are right. However, technology can help us to fill the gap of nature. This ongoing art research project is a starting point for discussion about how humans will live indoors and outdoors with the increasing amount of technology and the degradation of biophysical nature in times of AI and Machine Learning.